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Turning food waste into the next frontier for environmental action, education, & legislation.


Compostology was founded in 2020 by two high-schoolers, Angelina Xu and Advika Agarwal, with the aim of bringing food rescue and diversion to every school in Montgomery County, Maryland. Now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we are pushing the movement for food waste consciousness nationwide. We fund and collaborate with schools to compost and donate food that would otherwise be wasted - up to 2000 lbs monthly per school - while fighting for policies to make these programs accessible.


We welcome new members who want to start programs in their schools, students who want to stay updated about advocacy opportunities, and potential partners who want to have a Zoom chat to learn more - please email us at any time to start your food to flowers journey with Compostology!

explore our website to learn about our goals, work, and how to support or get involved.


Applications open now!

There are two main ways that you can join Compostology. 

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We welcome any students in elementary or middle school to start programs at the schools they currently attend! If you are a student that is currently in high school, we recommend that you start a program at the elementary/middle school that you previously attended -- or you can work with a younger sibling to start a program at their school. 

Please email if you are interested!


We are currently looking for students interested in working on Compostology's social media and website initiatives, as well as planning and hosting virtual/in-person events to promote Compostology!

Please check out this Google Form for more details. 

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